purifyou Glass Water Bottle, 12oz

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We were looking for a way to not use BPA products and reduce waste from plastic water bottles. This is a lovely glass bottle. It is just the right size and is made very well. I just have to keep it away from my kids, they will get theirs for Christmas.


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Amara Organics Balancing Toner

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This has been great for my preteen with little breakouts. It didn’t sting or burn her delicate skin. Her blemishes have cleared up..It was not drying at all either. The bottle is well made and the product easily dispensed.



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Knife Sharpener

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INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE 2 – STAGE DIAMOND AND CERAMIC KNIFE SHARPENER: Diamond grinding wheel for professional sharpening of all dull kitchen, pocket, fruit, hunting and other knives! Ceramic wheel for fine honing of every Steel knife to deepest chef’s desire. You’ll be amazed at just how sharp your knives will get. A 2-stage process gets them in unbelievable shape without leaving any nicks behind.

  • • SAFE AND STABLE OPERATION: Tired of holding a sharpener or sharpening stone while sharpening a knife? Worried to cut yourself? Sharpening a knife with one hand is no longer a dream: an extra-large suction cup holds the knife sharpener for you! All you need is one hand to operate it! Pulling a little lever releases the pressure, allowing you to move it effortlessly.
  • • FUN, QUICK AND EASY TO USE, IT EVEN SHARPENS IN BOTH DIRECTIONS: No more fussing about which direction to pull knife through sharpener. Because of special design this sharpener allows to push and pull knife while sharpening. Just a couple of pulls (and pushes) in the grinding wheels and you can move on to whipping-up that delicious meal. No more slaving away forever using hand-held stones. Get amazing results in seconds.
  • • SMALL AND COMPACT, YET CUTE AND COLORFUL: System knife sharpener is so small it easily fits in a utensils drawer, yet so cute you will want to show it on your countertop! And you can even carry it to your camping trips!
  • • 1-YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE; the materials used for the System sharpener Knife Sharpener are of the highest quality and that’s why we can comfortably guarantee our product. You can also extend the warranty to 2 years through our website. Click the Orange button to Order Now!

DanceCrazy’s Wedding Dance MASTERY System – DVDs5

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Love these videos.  They are fun and make it easy to learn.  Great fun for the whole family.


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Samsung Galaxy S5 Charger & Samsung Note 3 Charger

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THis is a well made cord.  I have had to replace so many cords for my tablet.  Not any more.  Nice long cord.


The Samsung Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are two of the most advanced mobile devices on the market today, but if you really want to see how impressively they perform, you can’t settle for any ordinary Note 3 or Samsung Galaxy S5 charger cable. With the Samsung Galaxy S5 Charger & Samsung Note 3 Charger from That Is Just Genius, you’ll be able to use your mobile device sooner and get data transferred at lightning fast speeds.
This Galaxy S5 and Samsung Note 3 USB cable doesn’t just say “Genius” on the outside; it features truly genius technology on the inside. An OEM-certified charger, the Samsung Micro USB 3.0 cable allows you to fully benefit from the USB 3.0 capabilities of your device while consuming less power and protecting your Note 3 or Galaxy S5 from damage due to overheating.

With an ordinary Samsung Galaxy S5 car charger, 2.0 Samsung Note 3 cable or 2.0 Samsung Galaxy S5 cable, you have to wait for 6 to 8 hours for your device to go from 0 to 100% battery power. Who has that kind of time? The Genius Technology featured in this Samsung Galaxy S5 charging cable slashes charging time in half, so you’re ready to talk, text, surf and more in just to 2 to 3 hours!

Transferring large video files and audio playlists from your computer to your mobile device can take forever with a basic cable, leaving you wondering if it’s worth it to sync that data at all. Our Genius Technology gets even huge files from your hard drive to your mobile device in seconds.

Our ingenious cable is backed by an 18-month warranty to fully ensure your satisfaction. You have nothing to lose but charge and transfer wait time!

Use your mobile device to the fullest and experience faster charging and file transfer times than you ever thought possible. Upgrade to this Samsung USB 3.0 Cable by Adding this Note 3 and Samsung S5 charger cable to your cart now!

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(24 Pack) Essential Oil Bottles

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24 Pack of Essential Oil 2ml and 1ml Bottles by Cornucopia Brands

Two dozen amber essential oil bottles, 12-1ml and 12-2ml bottles, allow this economy pack to provide essential oil and aromatherapy users with a set of complete bottles to use with any essential oil or aromatherapy activity. At a price and quality point that will no doubt leave you smelling, and feeling, very happy.

Constructed from amber glass, and complete with an orfice reducer and lid with interior seal, these bottles are perfect for use with any essential oil or essential oil blend.Cornucopia Brands designs, creates, and brands an entire line of essential oil products.

We use the oils ourselves, and develop products we know other aromatherapy fans can use and enjoy.Prices effectively and of a very high quality, these bottles will be your new favorites!

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DownIT Skull Shot Glass, Thick Base, 1.5oz, Clear

<a href=”http://www.tomoson.com/?code=TOPc0857311832338fe2a5b7fd9e8569ff8&#8243; rel=”nofollow”><img style=”display: none” src=”http://www.tomoson.com/images/front/pixel.png&#8221; /></a> AWESOME glass…….so very cool to look at, beautifully and professionally made.  A lot of fun. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VOZQC0M/ref=sr_ph_1?m=A16Y2I2NWX0E55&ie=UTF8&qid=1437504296&sr=1&keywords=skull+shot+glass Intricate skull design: Each skull shot glass is carefully hand blown and designed to perfection, made with only … Continue reading

Easy@Home Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WVM4USS/ref=sr_ph?ie=UTF8&qid=1437438200&sr=1&keywords=Easy%40Home+Digital+Upper+Arm+Blood+Pressure+Monitor Monitor your Blood Pressure with Easy At Home”. Easy@Home EPM-095 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor measures blood pressure along with pulse rate with the automatic easy-to-use one-botton measuring technique. FDA Approved for OTC Use. ** Our Guarantee- We are so confident that you will love this product that we offer a 2 years Hassle Free PRODUCT REPLACEMENT Guarantee. **

Advanced Hypertension Indicator color codes the Systolic and Diastolic readings in green (normal), orange (prehypertension) and red (hypertension). Irregular Heartbeat (arrhythmia) Indicator alert the user the abnormality.

Design for 2 User Use. Memory recalls up to 120 measurements, 60 records per user. Intelligently averages past 3 measurements.

Size adjustable upper arm cuff can fit upper arm circumference of 23-32 cm (8.67 – 12.5 inch) with comfort. Portable and compact design make it easy to carry. The Carry Case and 4XAA Batteries are included.

Has a unique desktop design for practical home, office or clinical use that makes it convenient to utilize and store. Sturdy and durable design.